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  • 7/1/2015 - Art Supplies For Plein Air Art Sessions
    If you're planning on doing some Plein Air painting or attending a Mark N. Brown art class, here are some art supplies that you should bring with you.
  • 7/15/2015 - Surf Session At Ala Moana
    Ref. No.: 24028 ** Price: $1400 ** Size: 18" x 36" ** Inspiration: Surf session at Ala Moana ws painted on location and gave me a chance to capture a sense of place with Diamond head and a lifestyle painting with the surfers, joggers, bikers, and swimmers who would walk the scene , I started the painting in the morning and took a lunch break, then came back and worked into the afternoon ,evening, and took the sunset colors and put them in the sky, during the summer there was more activity with the people in the evening . awesome - NEW RELEASE
  • 7/15/2015 - Sharks Cove
    Ref. No.: 24029 ** Price: $1400 ** Size: 18" x 36" ** Inspiration: Sharks Cove was painted during high tourist season, July , but it was low tide in the cove bringing everyone out, I started this painting at 8am ,and there were 5 snorkelers, by the time I ended my painting session, there were maybe 200 waders - NEW RELEASE
  • 7/15/2015 - North Shore Kiawe
    Ref. No.: 24030 ** Price: $1400 ** Size: 18" x 36" ** Inspiration: North Shore Kiawe has been a painting series that I have enjoyed, the painting I did of the scene in 2002 , became the poster and t-shirt for the Haleiwa art festival - NEW RELEASE
  • 7/15/2015 - Haleiwa Boat Harbor Lineup
    Ref. No.: 24031 ** Price: $1400 ** Size: 18" x 36" ** Inspiration: I painted Haleiwa boat harbor lineup from the lawn of the Harbor master's quarters , and when I start at 8am, the water has a lot of reflections, and then the harbor starts getting active with the mariners and shark encounters that go by every 15 minutes , and I just stay calm and steady , full steam ahead , - NEW RELEASE
  • 7/15/2015 - Ali'i Beach Park
    Ref. No.: 24032 ** Price: $1400 ** Size: 18" x 36" ** Inspiration: Ali'i beach park painting bring back great memories for me as I would do a lot of the graphics and signs for the triple crown of surfing years ago, and Ali'i beach is the site of the 1st jewel of the competition, so as I painted it , I saw more then what was in front of me, - NEW RELEASE
  • 7/15/2015 - Rainbow Bridge Jumpers
    Ref. No.: 24033 ** Price: $1400 ** Size: 18" x 36" ** Inspiration: Rainbow bridge jumpers caught my attention and it's a good thing I was far along on my painting before they started jumping, otherwise t would have distracted, from where I painted it made me feel like a judge giving them scores for more daring dives , I caught a stand up paddler going by, as they were timid to go by when they were jumping. - NEW RELEASE
  • 7/15/2015 - Waimea Bay
    Ref. No.: 24034 ** Price: $1400 ** Size: 18" x 36" ** Inspiration: Waimea Bay is a favorite painting spot, and the lifeguards are the best, there's Mark and Carrie , and they walk the sand to keep in shape for winter rescues , the bay that day is calm, and the tree that fronts the tower has Mark's decorative touches with ornaments and a Santa hat, I used this in the painting that decorates the Hawaiian isle Kona coffee Christmas bags that come on store shelfs in October thru December. - NEW RELEASE
  • 7/15/2015 - Three Tables
    Ref. No.: 24035 ** Price: $1000 ** Size: 15" x 30" ** Inspiration: Three Tables is another favorite site for me to paint at the north shore , I can get away from the crowds ,but the beach offers a lot in the way of eye candy , great crashing shoreline, light and shadow, and gesture in the way of active people. - NEW RELEASE
  • 7/15/2015 - Showtime At Baby Makapu'u
    Ref. No.: 24036 ** Price: $1000 ** Size: 20" x 24" ** Inspiration: 'Showtime at baby Makapu'u was painted as a demo for the plein air University of Hawaii outreach class , its a non credit class that I have been teaching since year 2000, I do a demo from 8am to 9am, and show my fellow artist how I would tackle the scene, I have learned so much by instructing the artist, I use a good saying, "when one teaches ,Two learn". - NEW RELEASE
  • 7/15/2015 - Kona Surf
    Ref. No.: 24037 ** Price: $800 ** Size: 12" x 16" ** Inspiration: Kona surf was inspired by Lahaina Galleries ,as they entertained the idea of having me work with them at there Big Island Gallery supplying paintings, they loved the painting I sent them as a sample, but they decided to seek a artist who was based in the Big Island, they are a quality gallery that I hope to work with one day. - NEW RELEASE
  • 7/15/2015 - Kalama Beach
    Ref. No.: 24038 ** Price: $1600. ** Size: 24" x 36" ** Inspiration: Kalama beach is a spot that I learned to body surf at, its a time when my younger brother Kent (who is now a lifeguard) and I would take the bus and our fins and hope for good surf, we didn't need anything big, we were happy with a 2 feet set, but it did get larger ,and then we graduated to Bellows beach. - NEW RELEASE
  • 7/15/2015 - Looking Towards The Pali
    Ref. No.: 24039 ** Price: $800 ** Size: 16" x 20" ** Inspiration: I painted "looking towards the Pali" during a overcast day,and then left it in my studio, and then just recently took it out and repainted it to satisfy myself of it's potential , I came away pleased. - NEW RELEASE
  • 7/15/2015 - The 2 Birds Of Waimea Canyon
    Ref. No.: 24040 ** Price: $800 ** Size: 16" x 20" ** Inspiration: The 2 birds of Waimea Canyon was a enjoyable time, when fellow artist and retired Cornel Guy Ballou would take Spencer Chang, John Dixon, and myself to Kauai and we just painted for 3 to 4 days, Guy because of his military service would get us sweet deals at the Barking Sands installation, and we were with 15 minutes of the Canyon, Guy would assign everyone to a detail, I was in charge of finding good painting sites, Spencer handled directions and driving duties and John, provided logistics, Guy ,kept us current and on schedule, when we arrived at the cabins, we drew straws for sleeping arrangements , and we were a well oiled machine, great times, Thank you Guy ! - NEW RELEASE
  • 7/15/2015 - Ulu Pono Heiau
    Ref. No.: 24041 ** Price: $800 ** Size: 16" x 20" ** Inspiration: Ulu Pono heaiu is located next to the Kailua YMCA and I remember passing it by numerous of times, and finally getting a chance to paint there , I pay tribute to a group of volunteers who maintain the place and make it what it is today. Mahalo! - NEW RELEASE
  • 7/15/2015 - Winter Surf At Three Tables
    Ref. No.: 24042 ** Price: $800 ** Size: 16" x 20" ** Inspiration: Winter surf at Three Tables was alive with crashing surf, spray and white foam, it wasn't surfable,or ridable, but it sure was paintable! - NEW RELEASE
  • 7/15/2015 - Kilueau Lighthouse
    Ref. No.: 24043 ** Price: $800 ** Size: 16" x 20" ** Inspiration: Kilueau Lighthouse painting was made possible by Guy Ballou , who arranged our trip ,and I turned out some good paintings because Guy with his oraginization skills allowed me to just focus on painting ,and making every one late ,as I took so long, awesome place ! - NEW RELEASE
  • 7/16/2015 - Hawaii Artist Mark N. Brown Community Artwork Donation - Muscular Dystrophy Association's
    Finish painting of the Royal for the Muscular Dystrophy Association's Annual Spring Soiree Fundraiser 2015. It's 24" x 30"and it's titled The Royal and it's playground.
  • 7/17/2015 - 16 New Hawaii Art Original Images for Sale by Mark N. Brown
    16 beautiful new Hawaii art originals for sale by renown Hawaii artist Mark N. Brown. Available at Hale'iwa Arts Festival July 18, 2015 & July 19, 2015 - BOOTH #60
  • 7/17/2015 - Hawaii Artist Mark N. Brown Community Artwork Donation - Friends of Kewalos - Beach Cleanup
    Mark Brown is proud to be a supporter of Friends of Kewalos 2015 beach cleanup. Friends of Kewalos is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization comprised of recreational users of the Kewalo Basin Park area in Kakaako - Honolulu, Hawaii.
  • 7/17/2015 - Hawaii Artist Mark N. Brown Community Artwork Donation - Hawaii Theatre
    Hawaii's premiere plein air artist is proud to support the Hawaii Theatre with an artwork donation.
  • 7/17/2015 - Hawaii Artist Mark N. Brown Community - MDA (Muscular Dystrophy Association) Summer Camp Painting Session Photos
    Mark shares his talent, time and passion!

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