• Chinatown Art Collection - Honolulu, Hawaii

Chinatown Art Collection - Honolulu, Hawaii
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The sights and sounds of Honolulu's Chinatown have inspired Mark N. Brown to create an amazing array of artwork as he paints on location. Mark captures not only the colors, sights and everyday marketplace activities of Chinatown but also the spirit of the community. Browse through his Chinatown artwork collection featuring scenes from the Chinatown area in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Mark is one of the few Plein Air Artists in Hawaii and his paintings can be seen all throughout the Hawaiian Islands in private collections, Art Galleries, Fine Retail Shops and Government facilities. Browse through his collection and find out how you can own one today!
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  • Gateway To Chinatown - 1
    Ref. No.: 18285 ** ** Size: 48" x 72" ** Inspiration: "Gateway to Chinatown" was one of my first Chinatown paintings and my mentor was the late Ron Lee who would join me in my painting sessions. We would paint together and he would point out things for me to see. Ron and I equally selected areas to paint, but he knew where we would be having lunch. Ron was gifted with fine taste in art and food. Thank you Ron for passing on your knowledge! More...
  • Kekaulike Market/Chinatown
    Ref. No.: 18363 ** ** Size: 36" x 48" ** Inspiration: This Keakaulike Market painting just flowed off my large brush and onto my large canvas. I attracted onlookers but they just became part of the activity as I got into the "zone". I painted with four other painters that day and I treasure that memory. The painting just painted itself. I made all the right decisions that morning. More...
  • Oahu Market - Chinatown - 1
    Ref. No.: 18309 ** Price: $1400 ** Size: 24" x 36" ** Inspiration: Just the sight of the red awnings at Oahu Market in Chinatown makes me think about the food displayed and the smells that "makes me ono" (makes me hungry) for Char Sui pork and the fish lined up over ice. While I paint with a brush, my senses also help me paint when I am in Chinatown! More...
  • Oahu Market - Chinatown - 2
    Ref. No.: 18400 ** Price: $1400 ** Size: 24" x 30" ** Inspiration: Being half Chinese in race, my mother would take me to Chinatown in Honolulu, Hawaii to sample the food and culture. Seeing it now as a artist, Oahu's Chinatown is a great buffet for the eyes and senses! More...
  • Shoppers In Chinatown
    Ref. No.: 18291 ** Price: $600 ** Size: 18" x 24" ** Inspiration: Around the time I did my Shoppers in Chinatown painting, sellers not connected to any shop would just start selling on the street corner here in Keakaulike Market, so shop owners needed to go all out with colorful umbrellas to attract their shoppers. This sight is a win for me, the artist, because of the visual feast of colors. More...

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