• Hawaii Art Testimonials

Hawaii Art Testimonials

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  • Kathy Sweeney

    Mark, I am enjoying gazing at your beautiful paintings! I have them proudly and happily hanging on my living room wall. Next Summer they will be moved to my mountain home in the Sierra Nevadas.

    Love them!
    Thank you again,
    ~Kathy Sweeney Click here to view image...
  • Susan Stuart-Wilson
    The Chinatown painting that you gave now hangs in her office at the Harvard Admissions Office. She cherishes it at it represents one aspect of her ethnic background. Click here to view image...
  • Kelley Fitzgerald
    I am absolutely thrilled to own my first, "Mark Brown" painting, not only because his paintings are valuable collector's items, but because of the beauty and joy it brings to my home. When it comes to plein-air painters of Hawaii, Mark Brown is the Master! I also call him the "Ironman painter" because he is the only plein-air painter I have witnessed braving high-winds and stormy weather on a regular basis in order to create his enormous door-sized masterpieces. It is a magical experience watching Mark instantly mix a multitude of brilliant pigments from just a handful of primary colors and brush on the rays of sunlight in just the right spots with only a few strokes. Having taken over 10 years of his "Painting on Location" classes, I can confidently state that he is a phenomenal artist, an amazing teacher, and a genuinely warm-hearted person with the utmost integrity.
  • Connie Mitchell
    Company - Institute for Human Services (IHS)
    Title - Executive Director
    Type - Multiple Hawaii Fine Art Images
    Comments - We continue to enjoy your painting scattered across our IHS Shelters. They brighten spirits of guest and staff alike. Mahalo once again for your gracious gift!
  • Cayce Harris
    I count it as one of the life's great privileges to paint with Mark, to learn from him and to now have two of his paintings in my home in San Antonio, TX. Mark captures the beauty of Hawaii in a way that shows great connection and care for not only the remarkable landscapes but for the people and their memories. Mark takes special care to honor the community, other artists, and those who want his art in their living spaces. He is constantly growing as an artist which makes each piece he creates, truly one of a kind. Thank you Mark for sharing your talents, your hard work, and yourself with us!
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