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Mark N. Brown Fine Art Certificates of Authenticity (COA)

Prove it's really a Mark N. Brown

We are proud to provide to our art collectors and official Certificates of Authenticity (COA).

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Certificates of authenticity are very important.

  • A COA proves that your paintings is actually created by Mark N. Brown.

  • This is important in determining the provenance and relative value of the work should it be sold later on or needs to be replace. This is even more important when dealing with a well known artist whom becomes valued in the art market.

  • A COAmakes artwork you are selling easier, especially in auctions and art galleries. Serious art collectors usually require a COA to prove provenance.

  • Getting a COA is very important when insuring your artwork and establishing the value.

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Features of our Mark N. Brown COA

  • An image of the artwork
  • Name of the artist (Mark N. Brown) who created the work
  • The title of the work
  • The year it was made and/or completed
  • The technique used
  • The artwork's dimensions
  • A statement of authenticity related to original/limited edition
  • If it is a limited edition, the edition number and total edition size
  • A tracking code or number specific to the artwork
  • Mark N. Brown Signature and date
  • All COAs are laminated
  • All COAs have personalized emboss gold Mark N. Brown stamp/seal

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New service special pricing

$199 $125 per COA. (a small price when it comes to protecting your investment/value of your art).

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