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Below are 11 Hawaii art images featured from Mark's collection he hand selected. 7 images are published online for the 1st time. Great plein air art from Hawaii.

  • Asian Garden At The Honolulu Museum Of Art
    Ref. No.: 23640 ** Price: $SOLD ** Size: 36" x 36" ** Inspiration: The Asian Garden has always been a favorite subject and I obtained permission to paint in the garden from Vince Hazen of the Honolulu Musuem of Art school. I did it in two sittings and I will use this as a springboard to do other paintings in the gardens and the Museum.
  • Canoes Of Kailua 2
    Ref. No.: 23778 ** Price: $SOLD ** Size: 36" x 80" ** Inspiration: Canoes of Kailua was done on location with a loaded brush of color and gesture. On looking close up of this painting, it may appear abstract because of the broken brushwork but as I view it from further away the painting has an aliveness that comes together maybe once in 100 paintings. When that day comes, I could paint all day and feel more energized with each stroke.
  • Colors Of Waimanalo
    Ref. No.: 23782 ** Price: $SOLD ** Size: 48" x 60" ** Inspiration: Colors of Waimanalo was done on location on a very overcast day with very little color, a gray day. Those days are deemed a blessing because there is no pressure to reproduce what is seen. You can experiment with colors, layout and light and shadow. Some days, like baseball, you bunt. This day, I felt that I hit a home run but with no loud celebrating. I just felt an inner glow of knowing.
  • Hula Girls Up Next
    Ref. No.: 18460 ** Price: $3300 ** Size: 36" x 48" ** Inspiration: Hula Girls in Waiting has been grooming in my vision for awhile. I have been drawing from nude figurative models for over 20 years, and it's easier to paint a landscape, because of the lighting but I enjoy the behind the scenes look as performers set to hit the stage.
  • Koko Head Nocturne
    Ref. No.: 21815 ** Price: $5500 ** Size: 48" x 60" ** Inspiration: Koko Head was painted in full sunlight during a summer day and changed in the studio into a night painting as the moon appeared in one of the 2 sessions as I was finishing up my plein air work.There was a City & County of Honolulu maintenance crew at Kuliouou Park named Les was always an encouraging presence when he would take care of the grounds. His son was in the arts, and Les wanted to paint in my class when he retired. The fishermen would wade onto the tide pools for tako (squid) and most times reminded me of myself when I paint, like fishing was a singular pursuit.
  • Kuliouou
    Ref. No.: 23494 ** Price: $SOLD ** Size: 36" x 80" ** Inspiration: Kuliouou painting was done on location in four sessions and I learned so much when working on it. I allowed myself to put down a stroke only if I knew the value, edge and color was right. It taught me patience and to let the scene come to you. I sometime's try too hard to infuse a scene with energy but if your in the right zone and relaxed, you can feel the energy even on a calm day. More...
  • Makapu'u Triptych
    Ref. No.: 23783 ** Price: $SOLD ** Size: 40" x 90" ** Inspiration: Makapu'u Triptych was painted on location with my large easel and construction stakes pounded in the ground to anchor it. I used a camping table as a palette and I felt connected to the landscape as my colors were strong and my brush strokes were energized.
  • Queens Beach Waikiki - 4
    Ref. No.: 23780 ** Price: $SOLD ** Size: 48" x 60" ** Inspiration: Queens Beach was painted on location on a day when I was doing a demo for my University of Hawaii at Manoa plein air class. It all fell into place with the right brush strokes, colors and intensity, the painting painted itself. It gained favor with everyone who witnessed me paint it and is now in the home of a Canadian collector. They must appreciate during the cold winters.
  • Sherwood Forest Waimanalo Bay 2
    Ref. No.: 23779 ** Price: $SOLD ** Size: 36" x 80" ** Inspiration: Sherwood Forest was painted on location and that day the brush felt like I was conducting a symphony. The sun was bringing out the best colors and shadows were upright and strong. A nearby resident who is always a blessing when he visits is called Captain Howie. He has a good eye as he walks the beach daily and always is uplifting to visit with him and the others who come by.
  • Sunset Over Kailua
    Ref. No.: 23781 ** Price: $SOLD ** Size: 36" x 80" ** Inspiration: Sunset over Kailua was started as a morning painting and as the day played out, and I felt inspired. I started on location at 7:00 am, and painted until 7:00 pm as the afternoon paddlers came out to practice. It felt right to lay in the setting sun, it was the right choice.
  • Three Tables At Pupukea 2
    Ref. No.: 23784 ** Price: $SOLD ** Size: 24" x 48" ** Inspiration: Three Tables at Pupukea was painted with a red under painting that gave the artwork a sparkle. I love color and try to make the painting sing without adding a background, but the results speak for themselves. Red rocks!


ref no:23785

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11 new Hawaii art images featured and a few of Marks's favorites. View great plein air art from Hawaii.

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