• Mark N. Brown Plein Air Art Class Featured In Patrick Ching Painting in Paradise TV Show (OC16)

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Mark N. Brown Art Featured In Patrick Ching Painting in Paradise (OC16) 
The outdoor painting class that was held at my Waimānalo studio will finally be shown starting tomorrow,
Wednesday April 28, 2021 at 10am on the Paintig in Paradise TV show. Mark’s class feature is about 3 minutes long. And watch till the end of the credits for a short, sweet aloha from Barbara, reminding us that we live through our art. 

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Here is the TV schedule on OC16tv this month starting Wednesday April 28 at 10am
•Mondays:  New Episode 4:30pm
•Wednesdays: *New Episode: 10am, New Episode: 5:30pm
•Thursdays: New Episode: 11pm
•Saturdays: New Episode: 5pm
•Sundays: New Episode: 9am, New Episode: 11:30pm

The actual episode will also be shown on Youtube right after the episode premiers.
This is a thirty second trailer for the "Painting Mānana", also known as Rabbit Island, episode of the Painting in ParadiseTV show with Artist Patrick Ching. Also featuring an outdoor painting class by artist Mark Brown. Find out about the island's Hawaiian name and what it means. See a fictional story book Patrick made up as a kid to explain why it is also called "Rabbit Island". Then learn some actual history behind the island's nickname. Includes a drawing lesson of "Hapa Rabbit", and a painting lesson of Mānana.

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