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Exhibition Overview

The established artist's journey finds its origins in an emerging artist, and the emerging artist aspires to pursue the path towards becoming an established artist. Then and Now seeks to explore this symbiotic correlation and the relationships that may develop when one is put into contact with the other.

This exhibition brings together 50 local artists working in a multitude of mediums in various stages of their careers. Of these 50 artists, 25 are newly emerging voices while the remaining 25 artists have extensive experience and established practices. What happens when potential and experience unexpectedly converge?

Curators and participating artists, Carol D'Angelo and Dexter Doi, randomly paired each emerging artist with one established artist to explore this question and perchance ignite a serendipitous mentorship. Doi states, "As artists, individually, we usually work alone. We tend to congregate in our own silos. Established artists have the advantage of time to recognize the others in their group. Emerging artists are just beginning and do not have the advantage of history on their side. By merging some of the established artists with emerging artists, perhaps we can start an awareness of each group and maybe a passing of the torch."

--Marlene Siu, Art School Exhibitions Manager


1111 Victoria St,

Honolulu, HI 96814

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Artists Pairing Statement for Exhibit

"Then and Now"

By Mark N. Brown paired with Kris Goto

I was fortunate to be paired with Artist Kris Goto andglad she reached out to me and sent me a introductory email.

Kris was cordial in her communication and when I saw her blog/ web site, I was blown away , with the dark wit that I likened to New Yorker Magazine Cartoonist Charlie Adams .which was a strong complimentand she did it in a way that Hawaiian's would say had a Kauna message , or hidden meaning to get on another level!

Kris was accomplished in her medium and I could see she would have a strong following, with myself included.Show director Dexter Doi, paired us as we both exhibited at the annual Haleiwa Art Festival. I could learn a lot from Artist Kris, as I sometimes in my own Art might overstate parts of thelandscape, and equate it to using all caps in a email , where it might make for a stronger painting if I held back or gave my painting more atmosphere.

Kris to her credit wanted to come out to watch me paint on location ( en Plein Air ), but unfortunately the timing never worked out .

I look forward to meeting her in person soon,

Mahalo Mark N. Brown

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