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Below is 8 beautiful new Hawaii art originals for sale by renown Hawaii artist Mark N. Brown.
Ala Moana Sunrise 2017
Ref. No.: 28560 ** Price: $6000 ** Size: 48x60 ** Inspiration: This painting gave me a chance to capture a sense of place with Diamond Head and a lifestyle painting with the surfers, joggers, bikers, and swimmers who would walk the scene. I started the painting in the morning and took a lunch break then came back and worked into the afternoon and evening. I took the sunset colors and put them in the sky. During the summer there was more activity with the people in the evening. It was awesome! More...
Christmas Honolulu Hale 2017
Ref. No.: 28562 ** Price: $600 ** Size: 18x24 ** Inspiration: A very special place Mark likes to vist every year. More...
Haiku Gardens 2017
Ref. No.: 28563 ** Price: $2800 ** Size: 48x36 ** Inspiration: A very special place Mark love to paint. More...
Hula Dancers 2017
Ref. No.: 28564 ** Price: $2800 ** Size: 36x48 ** Inspiration: A painting that shows the multi ethic race that make up the Hula troupe. I enjoy the figure as I have been drawing from the figure since High school. It's time to revisit this series. More...
Kalama Beach 2017
Ref. No.: 28565 ** Price: $5000 ** Size: 48x60 ** Inspiration: "Kalama Beach" is a spot where I learned to body surf. It was a time when my younger brother Kent (who is now a Lifeguard) and I would our fins, catch the bus and hope for good surf. We didn't need anything big, we were happy with a 2 feet set but it did get larger. Then we graduated to Bellows Beach. More...
Makapu'u Cliffs 2017
Ref. No.: 28566 ** Price: $2800 ** Size: 36x48 ** Inspiration: Inspired by the strong breaks overlooking Makapu'u Beach in Waimanalo. More...
Chanters 2017
Ref. No.: 28561 ** Price: $2400 ** Size: 36x36 ** Inspiration: Skilled Hawaiian chanters. More...
Punahou Chapel 2017
Ref. No.: 28567 ** Price: $2600 ** Size: 30x40 ** Inspiration: I did the painting of the Punahou School Chapel on location at the Manoa campus. I have done several versions of this and the most fun I had doing it was when I did a demo for the Rainbow and Koi class (Kindegarten and 1st graders). More...

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