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I was inspired to contribute to the talented watercolorist in the class I teach, and made sure they were supported with a demo too, and give them equal time,just as I do weekly with oil / acrylic painters. CLICK HERE TO VIEW PHOTOS THE STAGES OF THE ART BEING CREATED.

I started my art career with watercolor, as oil painting felt more intimidating, and as I painted the three tables scene with watercolor,I had to learn to be patient again as I layered from light to dark.As I work out physically daily,with the switch to painting with watercolor, it's similar to cross training to learn patience, and walking with a soft footprint.

AboutThree Tables Beach

Three Tables" is an area I liken to the wild North Shore. It has a power to it, but it also has a quiet nature. It's a great place to chill when the other well-known areas are maxed out with people. A good place to paint.

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