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About Mark N. Brown - Hawaii Plein Air Artist

Mark is one of the few Plein Air Artists in Hawaii. Plein Air artists paint their paintings entirely outside at the site of the painting subject. He teaches this method at the University of Hawaii and his work can be seen all throughout the Hawaiian islands.

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Latest Hawaii Art News & Newsletters

View the latest news from Hawaii Artist Mark N. Brown

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Available Originals Hawaii Fine Art For Sale

Mark N Brown has sold hundreds of Hawaii fine art paintings. Visit our online gallery to see current works available for sale currently in Honolulu, Hawaii.

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Hawaii Art Classes and Workshops

If you're ready to take your art to a higher level.

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Corporate Art Images & Programs

Mark N. Brown Hawaii fine artwork is very popular with corporations, businesses, restaurants, hotels, resorts, art consultants/designers etc. His rich inventory of Hawaiian scenes/locations is ideal for a variety of environments. We offer originals, commission originals, print production and rental.

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Hawaii Wall Mural Artist - Mark N. Brown Honolulu, Hawaii

Hawaii wall murals services for homes, businesses, churches, schools, restaurants and kids rooms and more by Hawaii Artist Mark N. Brown. Indoor and Outdoor.

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Live On-Site Special Event Artist Painter - Honolulu, Hawaii

Want to make your Hawaii event a memorable one? Consider hiring Hawaii artist Mark N. Brown to create a one-a-kind artwork live, on-site!

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Hawaii Art Testimonials

View a list of testimonials from happy Mark N. Brown clients, art collectors and students.

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Hire Hawaii Artist Mark N. Brown

Hire Hawaii artist, Mark N. Brown. Private consulting, private training, live art event painting, custom workshops, speaking engagement/presentation, commission art and more.

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Commission Hawaii Art

A commission oil is an oil painting personally created by Mark N. Brown for a collector.

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Hawaii Art Rental and Hawaii Real Estate Art Staging

If you are a realtor looking to use Mark's art for the staging of homes, there are currently several houses that are showcasing his original work. He does work with several realtors currently and if you are interested in learning about what is available and the cost, contact him directly for more information.

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Hawaii Artist - Mark N. Brown Plein Air Art Paintings

  • Featured Item This Hour News - Tuesday, 8/9/2022
  • Ulu Pono Heiau

    Ref. No.: 24041 ** Price: $800 ** Size: 16" x 20" ** Inspiration: Ulu Pono heaiu is located next to the Kailua YMCA and I remember passing it by numerous of times, and finally getting a chance to paint there , I pay tribute to a group of volunteers who maintain the place and make it what it is today. Mahalo! - NEW RELEASE
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  • Hawaii's Premier Plein Air Artist - Mark N. Brown

Hawaii Artist Mark N. Brown - Plein Air ArtHawaii Artist - Mark N. Brown - Plein Air Hawaii Art

Aloha & Welcome to the official site of Hawaii's Fine Artist Mark N. Brown. This site contains information on the work of Art Instructor and Plein Air painter Mark Brown as well as classes, events, blogs and more. Brown's unique style of impressionist landscape paintings can be seen throughout the Hawaiian Islands in private collections, as well as numerous Art Galleries, Fine Retail Shops and Government facilities.. More...

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  • Plein Air Painting on Location with Mark N. Brown (12 Week Oil/Acrylic Art Class - Honolulu, Hawaii)

    If you're ready to take your art to a higher level. Let island scenery inspire you. Paint as a group at Oahu's beaches, mountains, and parks. Come prepared to paint at the first meeting, when later locations are announced. Students show their work in a group art show at the end of class, time and place to be determined. Course covers basic acrylic or oil painting for beginning to advanced students. Students provide their own transportation to painting locations. More...

  • Community Service

    Hawaii Plein Air artist Mark N. Brown enjoys giving back to the community. On many occasions, he has donated his time and artwork to many deserving individuals and wonderful causes. Below are just some of Mark N. Brown's community activities and services.

  • Hawaii Fine Art Online Rebates, Discounts and Sale

    Great Hawaii Fine Art offers on commission art, art rental & staging, wall murals, on-site live event painting, corporate art and to hire plein air artist Mark N. Brown for special project. More...

  • Oahu Artist Mark N. Brown Video Interview

  • Queen Lane Wall at South Shore Market (Kakaako) Mural Project at By Hawaii Artist Mark N. Brown Featuring Sig Zane Artwork

    Watch video about mural project in Kakaako (Queen Lane Wall at South Shore Market Mural Project) featuring Sig Zane art. Located by T.J. Maxx. More...

  • Mark N. Brown Art Featured for Kakaako Condo Staging Project Video

    Mark recently hung some paintings in the Ko'olani listing with Aloha staged interiors as the stager and Charene Davis as the listing agent. A good video showing the interior with Mark's paintings and the potential of good artwork can do for the property . More...

  • FREE FRAME - Hawaii Art Online Special Offer
    Every online image purchase (using our safe and secure PayPal shopping cart) will include a FREE frame with your artwork professionally set in the frame. Your artwork will arrive "Ready to Hang".
  • Waikiki Art Collection - Honolulu, Hawaii 96815
    Waikiki has plenty of picturesque locations worthy of being immortalized in paintings. Mark N. Brown, Hawaii's premier Plein Air artist, has done just that. From the Queen's Beach to various Waikiki beach and surf paintings, Mark captures the beauty of Waikiki in his Waikiki Artwork Collection. Here you can see all of Mark N. Brown's artwork featuring scenes from the Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii area 96815 More...
  • Kakaako Art Collection - Honolulu, Hawaii
    Inspired by the beautiful landscape within and around Kakaako, Honolulu, Hawaii and beyond, here is Mark N. Brown's Kakaako artwork collection. Here you can see all of Mark N. Brown's artwork featuring scenes from the Kakaako, Honolulu, Hawaii area 96814. More...
  • Chinatown Art Collection - Honolulu, Hawaii
    The sights and sounds of Honolulu's Chinatown have inspired Mark N. Brown to create an amazing array of artwork as he paints on location. Mark captures not only the colors, sights and everyday marketplace activities of Chinatown but also the spirit of the community. Browse through his Chinatown artwork collection featuring scenes from the Chinatown area in Honolulu, Hawaii. More...

  • Schedule Hawaii Art Studio / Gallery Appointment

    Schedule a appointment to visit Hawaii artist Mark N. Brown art studio/gallery to view and purchase Hawaii fine art originals. Featuring a variety of original Hawaii Plein Air art paintings. GET SPECIAL APPOINTMENT VOUCHER FOR DISCOUNT/REBATE.

  • Hawaii Artist Mark N Brown Newsletter August 2022

    This issue features art tip, special events, murals, special offers, new art, photos and much more...

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