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Aloha ,

Wishing you a Happy Holidays!

I have been blessed with a great 2014! My travels to many wonderful places this year have helped me create a lot of plein air art for you to enjoy. Most of all, I met a lot of great people who helped add inspiration to my artworks!

Below are the latest news, events and opportunities that I would love to share with you. I have a great art tip to help you understand the passion and history of plein air painting in Hawaii. There is also a link below to great holiday Christmas specials!

Hawaii Plein Air Artist Mark N. Brown

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- Featuring Hawaii art news, special events and more
Lanikai Craft Fair 2014 Featuring Hawaii Art From Hawaii Artist Mark N. Brown - SATURDAY DECEMBER 6TH 2014 - BOOTH A3 (12/6/2014 - 9am-3pm)

The mission of the The Lanikai Craft Fair is to showcase Made in Hawaii crafts that are not readily available commercially. We strive to support upcoming and original artists and crafters. I will have new artwork featured. Stop by and say hi. Below is link to get a discount voucher if you purchase at the event.


Click here to get event details

Hawaii Artist Mark N. Brown Artwork Donation to Hero's Welcome TV Show to Honor Staff Sergeant Tony Woods

Hawaii artist Mark N. Brown is proud to have the opportunity to donate his time and artwork to Hero's Welcome TV show for a custom commission artwork image to honor Staff Sergeant Tony Woods and his new home in Hawaii. View photos and details

HOLIDAY SPECIALS! - Sales Items and Special Offers

Special items and offer from Hawaii artist Mark N. Brown Art. Featuring free frame, up to 20% discount offer, online rebate and more. More...

Available Hawaii Fine Art For Sale

Mark N Brown has over 200 sold paintings. Visit our online gallery to see them as well as current works available for sale currently in Honolulu. Learn more and buy today

Mark N. Brown Completes Special Exhibition Event ( Embracing Life - Bonn Sept 9-14) In Germany And Completes Multiple Plein Air Painting Europe!

Mark brown accepted an international invitation for exhibit in Bonn Germany and complete multiple plein air paintings in Europe. View photos and details

Hawaii Fine Art - Collections of Plein Air Art Painting By Mark N. Brown

View Mark N. Brown plein air art collections. Groups of plein air art painting by category.
Click here to view collections

Recent Plein Air Painting 2014 Photo Gallery

Photo gallery plein air artist Mark N. Brown in multiple Hawaii locations painting. Click here to view photos

Mark N. Brown Complete Hosoi Floral Mural

Recent Hawaii Hosoi Floral Mural by Mark N. Brown. More...

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- Great plein art art tips

What is Plein Air? Art and Paintings

Mark's trademark style. A good read to understand Mark's passion. View tips online

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- View Mark's coming art classes and workshops... very popular

Outdoor Plein Air Art Painting Class with Mark N. Brown, Honolulu, Hawaii (Ongoing - Sign Up for to get notofied)

Paint as a group at Oahu's beaches, mountains, and parks. Students provide their own transportation to painting locations. More...

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- Great recent photos
Hawaii Artist Mark N. Brown Plein Air Painting August - October 2014 Photos

Mark Brown loves Plein Air painting. View multiple photo of Hawaii artiest Mark N. Brown in action. More...

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- See what people are saying about Mark's art and art classes

Kelley Fitzgerald -
Date - 7/14/2014

I am absolutely thrilled to own my first, "Mark Brown" painting, not only because his paintings are valuable collector's items, but because of the beauty and joy it brings to my home. When it comes to plein-air painters of Hawaii, Mark Brown is the Master! I also call him the "Ironman painter" because he is the only plein-air painter I have witnessed braving high-winds and stormy weather on a regular basis in order to create his enormous door-sized masterpieces. It is a magical experience watching Mark instantly mix a multitude of brilliant pigments from just a handful of primary colors and brush on the rays of sunlight in just the right spots with only a few strokes. Having taken over 10 years of his "Painting on Location" classes, I can confidently state that he is a phenomenal artist, an amazing teacher, and a genuinely warm-hearted person with the utmost integrity. Read more of this testimonial & view image

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Art Showroom by Hawaii Artist Mark N. Brown

View Mark N. Brown Hawaii Art showroom with links to all of Mark's art images. Click here to get the details and request more info

Hire Mark N. Brown

Hawaii artist Mark N. Brown's artworks can be seen throughout the Hawaiian Islands in private collections, art galleries, fine retail shops and government facilities. He also creates murals, live wedding event painting and commission art and more. Mark is available for any Commission Art, Private Art Consulting, Live Wedding Painting, Corporate Art, Wall Murals other art-related services that you might be interested in. Browse through his variety of services and find out how Mark N. Brown can be of service to you! Click here to get the details and request more info

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