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  • 15 New Hawaii Fine Art Original Images for Sale using Chunky (Impasto ) Style by Mark N. Brown

  • Canoes At Kailua January 2021
    Ref. No.: 34275 ** Price: $3600 ** Size: 36" x 48" ** Inspiration: painting featured in American Savings bank calendar 2000 More...
  • Canoes Of Kailua January 2021
    Ref. No.: 34276 ** Price: $3600 ** Size: 36" x 48" ** Inspiration: Canoes of Kailua was inspired by the paddlers who train daily over the course of the 3 days that I spent on location at Kailua beach. More...
  • Showtime At Baby Makapu'u January 2021
    Ref. No.: 24036 ** Price: $2800 ** Size: 30"x 40" ** Inspiration: 'Showtime At Baby Makapu'u" was painted as a demo for the Plein Air Class at the University of Hawaii Outreach College. It is a non-credit class that I have been teaching since year 2000. I do a demo from 8:00 am to 9:00 am and show my fellow artists how I would tackle the scene. I have learned so much by instructing this class. I use a good saying, "When one teaches, two learn".
  • Sherwood Forest Waimanalo Bay January 2021
    Ref. No.: 34278 ** Price: $3600 ** Size: 36"x 48" ** Inspiration: Sherwood Forest was painted on location and that day the brush felt like I was conducting a symphony. The sun was bringing out the best colors and shadows were upright and strong. A nearby resident who is always a blessing when he visits is called Captain Howie. He has a good eye as he walks the beach daily and always is uplifting to visit with him and the others who come by.
  • Three Tables At Pupukea January 2021
    Ref. No.: 34279 ** Price: $5500 ** Size: 36"x 80" ** Inspiration: "Three Tables" is an area I liken to the wild North Shore. It has a power to it, but it also has a quiet nature. It's a great place to chill when the other well-known areas are maxed out with people. A good place to paint.
  • Olapa Sandy's January 2021
    Ref. No.: 34280 ** Price: $2800 ** Size: 30"x 40" ** Inspiration: "Olapa Sandy's" was painted in 4 sessions on the mid zone of Sandy Beach where surfing is permitted. Usually in the break, only bodysurfing is allowed but either way, they both get my respect. Olapa is used in Hawaiian Hula, as "in the style of" and the parade of warriors of men/boys, women/girls that take on the shore break is awesome!
  • Kaiser Bowls January 2021
    Ref. No.: 34281 ** Price: $3600 ** Size: 36" x 48" **
  • Queens Beach January 2021
    Ref. No.: 34282 ** Price: $5500 ** Size: 48"x 60" **
  • Hula Dancers January 2021
    Ref. No.: 34283 ** Price: $1400 ** Size: 18"x 36" ** Inspiration: A painting that shows the multi ethic race that make up the Hula troupe. I enjoy the figure as I have been drawing from the figure since High school. It's time to revisit this series.
  • Kalama Beach January 2021
    Ref. No.: 34284 ** Price: $1400 ** Size: 24" x 30" ** Inspiration: "Kalama Beach" is a spot where I learned to body surf. It was a time when my younger brother Kent (who is now a Lifeguard) and I would our fins, catch the bus and hope for good surf. We didn't need anything big, we were happy with a 2 feet set but it did get larger. Then we graduated to Bellows Beach.
  • Dancers At Aloha Tower
    Ref. No.: 34333 ** Price: $5500 ** Size: 48" x 60" **
  • Kailua Play Ground
    Ref. No.: 34334 ** Price: $3600 ** Size: 36"x 48" **
  • Large Break At Pounders
    Ref. No.: 34335 ** Price: $3600 ** Size: 36"x 48" **
  • Ohana Of Three
    Ref. No.: 34336 ** Price: $3600 ** Size: 36"x 48" **
  • Waimanalo Red, Yellow And Blue
    Ref. No.: 34337 ** Price: $3600 ** Size: 36"x 48" **

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